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Traveling in Afghanistan

Throughout its history, Afghanistan has been a country united against invaders but divided against itself. Its allure, spread by Great Game romantics and travel literature alike, has only been heightened by its inaccessibility over the last 30 years.


In recent times, many people started showing curiosity about Afghanistan and are longing to visit despite the lack of security and the many historical sites that were destroyed in the last few decades of an ongoing war. If you are one of those curious people interested in visiting this country, we can plan out your trip safely with help of our local experts on ground in Afghanistan.


Afghanistan is divided into 34 provinces and has much to see, but due to the lack of security, there are only 6 provinces relatively safe for tourists. However, even within these six provinces, not everywhere is safe as Taliban and other armed groups are active, at present controlling some 60 percent of the whole country.
There are many airlines that provide flights to Afghanistan in different solutions. From Europe and the US, you won’t find direct flights, and you will always have a stopover in hubs such as Istanbul, Dubai, Doha or Abu Dhabi. Some cheap flights to Afghanistan with companies such as Pegasus and FlyDubai, but usually with long layovers that will make the whole journey some 20-30 hours long. Turkish Airlines, too, travel to Afghanistan, providing shorter and more expensive flights.


Like for every other country, you need to apply for a visa if you want to visit Afghanistan.
To receive an Afghan tourist visa you first need to fill out the form that can be found on the Afghan foreign ministry and Afghan embassies websites.
Keep in mind that for tourists they can only issue a one-month visa but this can be extended up to three months in Afghanistan at the Interior Ministry office in Kabul or at police headquarters at the main cities of other provinces.
If you are not sure about the process and still have questions, contact the embassy directly, staff is friendly and helpful.


Afghan visa requirements

To get your Afghan visa, these are the documents you need to take to the embassy:

Document 1:
  • Visa form to fill out, you can download it from the website of the Afghan embassy you are referring to
  • Passport with validity of at least 6 months
  • Two passport-size photos taken against a white background
  • Copy of your national ID
  • Visa fee. An Afghan tourist visa usually costs 100€ but prices vary
    depending on your nationality and country you are applying from.
Document 2:Invitation letter (we can arrange from our local partners in

What to pack for Afghanistan: 


Mosquito repellent and mosquito net. It is a good idea to carry a mosquito repellent and a mosquito net with you to prevent unwanted surprises. They are easy to use and come in handy especially in summer and fall.


Water purifier. If you need to drink tap water, we strongly recommend you use a water purifier because the well water is not drinkable in many provinces due to digging a big number of toilet and wastewater wells too close that they contaminate each other. Drink only bottled water from shops, not from the street vendors. If you really can’t avoid drinking tap water, use a water purifier.


Modest clothes. Women who travel to Afghanistan need to wear a long tunic and a chador, will do in pretty much every city, while in Herat to attract less attention a chador might be needed, you will decide by yourself if you feel uncomfortable. If you can’t find it in your country, you can buy one in any major Afghan city, but still, make sure you arrive with some pretty modest/conservative clothes otherwise you will be very easy to spot. Women also need a shawl or scarf to cover the head.


Comfortable shoes. Infrastructure and roads are really bad, streets are dusty and dirty, so if you decide to travel to Afghanistan, we recommend you forget about elegance and fashion and pack a pair of covered comfortable shoes (preferably runners).

Trip Plan

Other Destination Plans

Start Point: Kabul
End Point: Kabul


Day 1


Arrival and briefing. You may have time to visit And view point Bibi Mehro Hill, Chicken Street, Afternoon Flight to Herat

Overnight in Herat


Day 2


Today we will explore Heart which has the largest collection of ancient buildings. we will visit the Friday Mosque, the tomb of Gowar Shad, the Masullah complex and the atmospheric shrine of Khoja Ansari at Gazar Gah

Overnight in Herat


Day 3

Herat fly Kabul –Fly Mazar

In Morning we have time to visit, Kabul national Museum, Babur Garden, Birds Market, Chicken Street

Overnight in Mzar


Day 4 - 5

Mazar e Sharif – visit Balkh

Full day in Mazar & Balkh

You will have time to visit the majestic blue tiled tomb of Hazrat Ali, Afghanistan’s most important religious site. You will spend part of the day visiting the ancient Silk Road city of Balkh, called Bactria to the Greeks. Bactria was the birthplace of Zoroaster, the founder of Zoroastrianism as well as Rumi the legendary Persian poet. Legacy of its Islamic and Buddhist past can be found in the stupas at the entrance to the town, at the blue tiled shrine of Khoja Parsa and at the oldest mosque in Afghanistan, the 9th century No Gombad mosque.5

Overnight in Mazar


Day 6

Mazar e Sharif –Samangan

A day trip to the Buddhist monastery remains at Samangan, two hrs drive south of Mazar e Sharif. The 1500 year old complex contains a huge stupa carved out of the bedrock as well as a number of caves used as places of worship.

En route you will also be able to visit Tashkurgan and the old king’s hunting lodge.

Overnight in Mazar


Day 7

Mazar – Kabul

Morning flight from MAZAR to Kabul.

You will then visit the Panjshir Valley, described as the most beautiful place in Afghanistan by locals. We will stop to view the tomb of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the Lion of the Panjshir and Afghanistan’s most universally revered Mujahedin commander, as well as stopping off at a local fish restaurant on the banks of the Panjshir River.

Overnight in Kabul

of Ahmed Shah Massoud, the Lion of the Panjshir and Afghanistan’s most universally revered Mujahedin commander, as well as stopping off at a local fish restaurant on the banks of the Panjshir River.


Day 8


Depends on time, we discuss if enough time we will see what left from Itinerary or see more places

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